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Since 1999, we have been applying science and technology to make the world a safer place.
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Affordable Scientific Research Solutions

We provide companies and individuals with reliable and affordable scientific research services.
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Using Top-Notch Equipment for Research

Our laboratory uses innovative & modern scientific research equipment to achieve the best results.
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A Few Words About Us


Science Chemical Laboratory is the center of various scientific research and analysis.

We are internationally known for the excellence in scientific research in chemistry, biology, and chemical engineering as well as for our outstanding track record of industrial research involving partnerships with industry from concept to commercialization.

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Our Advantages

Innovative Methods

Our laboratory uses cutting-edge techniques of research for better results.

Qualified Staff

We employ recognized specialists and researchers from all over the world.

Regular Updates

We regularly post news and updates on research related topics in our blog.

Latest Equipment

Our team uses the newest equipment, chemicals, and consumables of high quality.

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Our research activities have positively influenced the industry since our establishment.

Our laboratory’s contribution to the development of chemistry, biology, and other industries is considerable. It is proved by the research of our scientists whose discoveries improved the healing effect of most drugs by 60%. We also pay a lot of attention to educational research.

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Galaxy Alignments Traced Back 10 Billion Years

by Brian Martin

A new study led by Michael West of Lowell Observatory and Roberto De Propris of the University of Turku, Finland, reveals that the most massive galaxies in the universe have been aligned with their surroundings for at least ten billion years. This discovery shows that galaxies, like people...

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Air Pollution Casts Shadow Over Solar Energy Production

by Brian Martin

According to a new study, airborne particles and their accumulation on solar cells are cutting energy output by more than 25 percent in certain parts of the world. The regions hardest hit are also those investing the most in solar energy installations: China, India and the Arabian Peninsula...

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