UFO Hovered Over The Beach In Marquette, Michigan

According to a recent eyewitness testimony, on December 11, 2020, at 1:05 pm a UFO was spotted at the local beach near Marquette, MI. This area is well known for UFO sightings.

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Mysterious UFO Looks Humanoid As It Hovers The Sky

Puzzled drivers were left wondering if they had captured evidence of aliens visiting Earth as the footage went viral and was quickly picked up by conspiracy theory websites.

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Former Jet Pilot Backs Up Claims of Officials

A retired fighter jet pilot has spoken out to back up a former Pentagon official who last week revealed he is in charge of a secret government programme to fight back against UFO attacks.

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Existence of UFO's 'Proved Beyond Reasonable Doubt' According to Experts

Luis Elizondo, the former head of a secret US government programme, believes that Earth may well have been visited by alien life via the unidentified aircraft and that there is also proof.

He resigned from the US Department of Defence in October to protest against the excessive secrecy and opposition to the programme he was in charge of. Mr. Elizondo could not comment whether or not his team had...

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