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charlie raven

Thanks for visiting this page and (hopefully) reading my stories, A Case of Domestic Pilfering and The Compact. I do like telling stories but have tended in the past to keep them private.

As a hypnotherapist, I appreciate the role stories play in healing the psyche. They reveal and explore the truth about things just by digging away covertly at the edges, over there, outside the allotment of logic.

The magic of story reminds me of myself as a child in my very first school, spending each playtime walking round the perimeter of the grey concrete playground, searching for the hoofprints of flying unicorns who came down in the night when the teachers and children had all gone away.

Anyway, elusive things as stories are, I have to thank Rohase Piercy for encouraging me to write again and for picking up the pieces of 'Domestic Pilfering' and getting it published.

I have a very sporadic and unsatisfactory blog over at Goodreads. Please have a look! Better yet, I'm putting together a blog to showcase the works of other Queer, Lesbian or Bi women who meet in a group that we call Wyrd Sisters, Ink. Apart from Rohase, we are Jane Traies, Maggie Redding and Sylvia Daly. All very exciting - watch this space for more news!

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