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Before Elizabeth by rohase piercy

"... as the likelihood of my being joined by a brother diminished with each ensuing year [my mother] consoled herself by arranging, in her on mind at least, a match between her daughter and her sister's only son - between myself and my cousin, Fitzwilliam Darcy. Fitzwilliam Darcy - known in the family circle as William. There, I have done it. I have forced my pen to write his name."

Confined by ill health at Rosings Park and subject to the whims of her domineering mother Lady Catherine, Anne de Bourgh recalls the major events of her life, up to and including those so familiar to readers of Pride and Prejudice. Unsurprisingly, she presents the courtship of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet from a very different perspective ...

the coward does it with a kiss

by rohase piercy

"... Oscar, I did not mean to write you another letter full of bitterness and recrimination. I wanted to write you at least one honest piece of correspondence, not to lecture you about your situation, but to tell you something about mine.  Or are you so far steeped in the madness of self-pity that you have not even the imagination to see that your wife has a soul to be tormented too, a soul as precious as yours perhaps? ..."

Following Oscar Wilde's imprisonment, his wife Constance seeks refuge on the Continent.  They are never to meet again.  In an extended letter written to her husband she examines their past life, the truths and deceptions of their marriage and its unavoidable demise.

Drawing on the recorded facts of the Wildes' time together and their final years of separate self-imposed exile, Rohase Piercy has recreated the story of their relationship as seen from Constance's viewpoint.  This is the letter Constance might have written, a moving testimony to an ill-fated situation, to a love that was inevitably doomed.

What Brave Bulls Do by Rohase Piercy

illustrated by nina falaise

Young Ario dreams of glory in the bullfighting arenas of Spain, unaware of the sport's true brutality. Then, wrenched from the idylls of the pasture, the violence of humans is made clear to him. Strengthened by faith and love, he is determined to show them just what brave bulls do.

Rohase Piercy's beautifully crafted story shows the strength of one young bull, in spirit and in body, but also speaks of many tales of animal cruelty untold. Powerful illustrations by Nina Falaise ensure that this story will not be forgotten.

A powerful tale of animal courage.

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